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At PartsGateway, we believe replacing Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps need not break the bank. Our network of licensed Vauxhall Meriva breakers are on hand to source quality used Vauxhall Meriva Parts at a fraction of main dealer prices.

Founded in 2000, PartsGateway works with leading Vauxhall Meriva breakers to create the UK’s largest online car breaker yard. Our easy to use part finder connects you to the right Vauxhall Meriva breaker who is on hand to solve your Vauxhall Meriva ABS pump part headache.

Our Vauxhall Meriva breaker network's extensive range of 1000’s of ABS pumps ensures all Vauxhall Meriva models are catered for.


Why waste time searching the internet for Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps near me, visiting breaker yards or searching endless Ebay listings when one search on PartsGateway does the hard work for you.

Simply enter your vehicle reg number, select the Vauxhall Meriva for the ABS pump you need and we will match your enquiry to local and national Vauxhall Meriva breakers who will provide you with a free, no obligation quote for you to purchase online. You can also read past customer reviews and communicate with the seller for total peace of mind.

All our Vauxhall Meriva breakers offer fully guaranteed used Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps with FREE or next day delivery across the UK and overseas.

Cost Savings

Genuine Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps supplied by Vauxhall Meriva breakers are significantly cheaper than purchasing new from the manufacturer. All parts are tested and guaranteed so you get peace of mind as well as helping the bank balance.


Lengthy lead times of new Vauxhall Meriva parts are common especially when models have been discontinued or issues with the vehicle manufacturers supply chain. Vauxhall Meriva breakers commitment to recycling as much of a vehicle as possible ensures you get the ABS pump you need much quicker than buying new. With over 384,000 cars written off each year, there are plenty of used Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps ready to return to the ecosystem.

Helping The Environment

Why pollute the plant further with raw material extraction, energy consumption and waste generation when there is a perfectly usable ABS pump sitting on a Vauxhall Meriva breakers shelf waiting for a new home. Used Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps are not exclusively for older models or the cost conscious driver, in fact many insurance companies now adopt a policy of used parts first when handling claims on repairing all Vauxhall Meriva regardless of age.

Genuine Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps - A More Natural Fit

Used Vauxhall Meriva ABS pumps dismantled from the same make and model of your vehicle by a reputable Vauxhall Meriva breaker are likely to be more compatible than an aftermarket one. Our network of car breakers embrace sophisticated part match technology to minimise the risk of non compatibility.