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Buying used car parts from a car breaker is not a recent phenomenon. Since the introduction of cars in the late 19th century, vehicle owners have always been looking for ways to cut the cost of vehicle maintenance by swapping second hand car spares or buying from a local scrap yards.

In fact it is not long ago when you would go to your local breakers yard and pick off the car part you require. These days technology has revolutionised access to vehicle dismantlers across the UK and Ireland. No longer is the question “which scrap yards are me?”. A simple search on sites such as PartsGateway means you can get quotes for used car parts in minutes delivered to your doorstep

Why buy from a breaker?

The obvious answer is it can be cheaper. Depending on the used car part you require, you could be paying 70% less when compared to new. Scrap yard parts are also genuine OEM car parts which means they originated from the vehicle manufacturer and not an aftermarket pattern

By buying used car parts from a car breakers, you are also helping the environment by eliminating the need to manufacture a replacement item when a car scrap yard has a perfectly good used item to use

Breakers Yards are great for older vehicle owners. Many vehicle manufacturers often stop producing the part so a used car part from a scrap yard is the only solution. Older vehicles are part of automotive history so they need to be kept alive. The vital role of scrap yards has contributed to the restoration of many ageing vehicles.

Are second hand car spares guaranteed?

Contrary to popular belief, buying used car parts from a car breaker offers the same level of protection as buying new. Any reputable scrap yard such as those on PartsGateway test and clean the parts after they are removed from the vehicle. However in the event of a fault, the breakers yard guarantee covers faults with a set time period so you can return for a refund.

Where do the used parts come from?

Car Breakers often have agreements with insurance companies for the disposal of accident damaged vehicles. Some scrap yards even deal with vehicle manufacturers taking old stock or cars not fit for purpose. It is important to remember a car comprises of many components so even when a car is written off, many of the car parts are still in good working order and fit for reuse. It is the role of the scrap yard to identify the quality breaker parts for resale

Are scrap yards regulated?

When a vehicle is classed as waste it is called an ELV. Any breakers yard which stores or dismantles an ELV must have an environmental permit. This permit which a scrap yard obtains from the Environment Agency allows them to dismantle vehicles lawfully. It is an offence for any car breaker to scrap vehicles and risk prosecution.

You read more about end of life vehicles at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/elv. You can also find local breakers who are authorised treatment facilities at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/end-of-life-vehicles-authorised-treatment-facilities-register.