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Nine Locks Limited logo
Nine Locks Limited General breaker near Wolverhampton (0)
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Equicar 4x4 Ltd logo
Equicar 4x4 Ltd Land Rover breaker near Wolverhampton (13327)
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Equicar 4x4 are specialist Dismantlers of all post-1990 4x4 off-road vehicles, particularly Land Rover, for which we also stock a range of 'As New' take-off parts. Over 130 later model 4x4's on site for breaking - other makes we dismantle include Toy...


Fantastic service thanks

Anonymous (Sep 18, 2019), Purchased: Alternator

Midland Car Breakers Ltd logo
Midland Car Breakers Ltd General breaker near Wolverhampton (8632)
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We are an authorised vehicle Dismantler & ELV Treatment Centre based in the West Midlands, with over 21 years experience in the motor trade. We pride ourselves on our keen prices, informative quotes, speedy/ reliable delivery & knowledgeable, friend...


great comms ;-)

Anonymous (May 11, 2016), Purchased: fuel neck filler pipe

ELV Recycling Ltd logo
ELV Recycling Ltd General breaker near Wolverhampton (0)
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Mainline Salvage logo
Mainline Salvage breaker near Wolverhampton (619)
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At Mainline Salvage, our expertise lies in vehicle disposal and vehicle dismantling. We maintain a vast inventory of hundreds of vehicles and thousands of vehicle parts. Our product range encompasses everything, ranging from individual wheel nuts to ...


Good Solid axle

Anonymous (Mar 15, 2023), Purchased: Axle

IGN West Midlands Ltd logo
IGN West Midlands Ltd BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Audi breaker near Wolverhampton (2681)
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IGN West Midlands has been delivering top-notch automotive supplies to customers and resellers since 2016. As the premier provider of car parts and accessories in the West Midlands region, our experienced team is always prepared to help you with all ...


I bought bumper and headlight good service

Anonymous (Jul 01, 2019), Purchased: Headlight

Church Road Motors M R S logo
Church Road Motors M R S General breaker near Wolverhampton (0)
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SMG Parts Ltd logo
SMG Parts Ltd General breaker near Wolverhampton (0)
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SMG Parts LTD, a long-established family-run enterprise situated in the West Midlands, possesses a valid license from the Environment Agency to operate as an Automotive Treatment Facility for End of Life Vehicles (ATF-ELV). Established by Shahrokh Na...

Genuine Euro Parts Ltd logo
Genuine Euro Parts Ltd General breaker near Wolverhampton (0)
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Joe's Dismantlers logo
Joe's Dismantlers General breaker near Wolverhampton (0)
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Joe's Breakers specializes in the disassembly of end-of-life (EOL) vehicles, making them an excellent resource for recycling and repurposing parts for use as replacements in current vehicles. These parts are typically a cost-effective solution for a ...

Car Breakers in Wolverhampton

Welcome to Wolverhampton, a vibrant city known for its rich automotive history and a thriving network of car breakers and scrap yards. In this article, we'll explore the world of Car Breakers in Wolverhampton and Scrap Yards in Wolverhampton. We'll also delve into the popular areas of Wolverhampton, its robust transport network, and its historical significance in the automotive sector.

Wolverhampton: A Hub of Automotive Excellence

Wolverhampton, located in the West Midlands, has earned its reputation as a hub of automotive excellence. Home to renowned car manufacturers and a significant part of the UK's automotive heritage, the city boasts a deep-rooted connection to the world of automobiles.

Automotive History in Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton's automotive journey began in the late 19th century when pioneering engineers and entrepreneurs established automobile manufacturing plants. Notably, the city was the birthplace of Sunbeam, a famous British car brand that achieved international acclaim. This legacy of innovation and craftsmanship continues to influence the automotive sector in Wolverhampton to this day.

Car breakers in Wolverhampton play a pivotal role in the automotive ecosystem. These businesses specialize in dismantling end-of-life vehicles, salvaging valuable parts, and recycling materials in an eco-friendly manner. If you're in need of quality used car parts or wish to dispose of a vehicle responsibly, Car Breakers Wolverhampton are your go-to solution.

Popular Areas in Wolverhampton
City Centre

The heart of Wolverhampton, the city center, is home to several car breakers and scrap yards. It's easily accessible and a convenient location for automobile enthusiasts and businesses.


Located in the southeastern part of Wolverhampton, Bilston has a strong presence of car breakers and scrap yards. It's a thriving area for automotive services.

Wolverhampton North

The northern part of Wolverhampton is dotted with car breakers and scrap yards, providing easy access to residents and businesses in the vicinity.

Transport Network

Wolverhampton's transport network is well-connected, making it accessible for both locals and those seeking car breaker services from neighboring areas. The city boasts excellent road links, including the M6 and M54 motorways, facilitating the easy transportation of vehicles and parts. Wolverhampton's central railway station connects it to major cities like Birmingham, London, and Manchester, further enhancing accessibility.

Scrap Yards Wolverhampton

Scrap yards in Wolverhampton play a crucial role in recycling and sustainable disposal of end-of-life vehicles. They adhere to strict environmental standards, ensuring that harmful materials are disposed of responsibly.

Why Choose Scrap Yards in Wolverhampton?
Environmental Responsibility

Scrap yards in Wolverhampton prioritize eco-friendly practices, recycling a significant portion of the vehicles they receive and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Convenient Locations

Located in various parts of the city, scrap yards in Wolverhampton offer convenience to residents and businesses looking to dispose of vehicles or metal scrap.

Competitive Pricing

With a competitive market, scrap yards in Wolverhampton offer fair prices for your scrap vehicles and materials.

Wolverhampton's automotive heritage, extensive transport network, and the presence of reputable Car Breakers and Scrap Yards make it a prime destination for all your automotive needs. Whether you're seeking quality used car parts or responsible disposal services, Wolverhampton has it all. Explore the city and discover the excellence that defines its automotive sector.