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Boot Lid / Tailgates

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Boot Lid Replacement

The boot lid allows access to the rear of vehicle and are commonly found on saloon body types.

Like any other door on a vehicle, daily use of a boot lid can cause general wear and over time will led to the boot lid to not function correctly or become unsightly with scratches, discolouring or chipped paint. Like most body parts, a reputable bodyshop can restore the appearance of your boot lid without the need to replace.

When a boot lid does not open or close correctly, the problem often lies elsewhere. A faulty boot lid latch, missing screws, or boot lid struts is often the cause of the problem.

If you have checked all these potential factors and your boot lid does not function as it should or the panel has sustained impact causing it to misshape or warp then it is most likely your boot lid will need replacing.