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Alternator Replacement

The alternator plays critical in the smooth day to day running of your vehicle, turning the mechanical energy into electricity to power everything from your headlights to keeping your battery fully charged.

The demands on the alternator are endless so it is of no surprise when it gives you a few telltale signs all is not well. When you experience issues with the electrical components in your vehicle, you may immediately point at the battery. Slow starts in the morning, flickering gauges, dash warning lights, erratic headlight behaviour or a smell of burning rubber are all signs the alternator is reaching the end of it’s life.

Before condemning your old component to alternator heaven, you must first eliminate other potential causes such as poor wiring connections to your battery or a broken drivebelt. If you have checked all these potential factors and your electrical components are still not functioning as they should then it is most likely the alternator will need replacing.