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Nis-Spec 1st Nissan breaker near Wales (15199)
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Nis-Spec 1st are approved, environmentally-friendly Nissan only specialist recyclers - offering from 90 days warranty as standard on all our used parts, and up to 12 months warranty on selected used, and all new parts.

Warranty is usu...


All good, very helpful and friendly, just as they always are. Many thanks.

Hatch Cars (Feb 04, 2023), Purchased: Fuel gauge sender units / pump assembly

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Engine Centre Engine Specialist breaker near Wales (0)
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Gold Seal
Our Gold Seal units represent the best of our product range. Fully reconditioned engines or brand new (subject to availability) at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer or other engine remanufactures. All Gold Seal units come with a...

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Parts 4 Pickups 4x4 Specialist, Ford breaker near Wales (8728)
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At Parts4Pickups we understand that vehicle maintenance, especially 4x4's, is costly. Dedicated to providing you with the highest quality used Pickup Truck parts, we buy low mileage, accident damaged vehicles that are dismantled through our depolluti...


shame the part was not suitable for my model,but very helpful and no problem with returns and refunds,would definatly use again.

Anonymous (Mar 24, 2023), Purchased: Rear Light

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4x4 Parts Online 4x4 breaker near Wales (182)
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4X4 Parts Online is a family run business supplying quality used second hand 4X4 parts from our workshop here in Trefeglwys, Mid-Wales.

We are specialist suppliers of parts for Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Izuzu and most other ...


good experience part arrived on time and well packaged

Anonymous (Dec 17, 2019), Purchased: Coil Spring

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Goodspares breaker near Wales (0)
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If you're on the hunt for high-quality, affordable auto parts, Wales is home to a thriving network of car breakers that can be your go-to source. From the bustling urban centers of Cardiff and Swansea to the picturesque landscapes of Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire, Wales has a rich history in the motor industry, making it a prime destination to find reliable used car parts. In this article, we'll guide you through discovering reputable car breakers in Wales and their connection to the vibrant world of automobiles.

**The Motor Industry's Influence on Wales:**

Wales has a long-standing association with the motor industry. It's the birthplace of numerous automotive innovations, with many iconic vehicles being produced within its borders. Regions like Cardiff, Swansea, and Newport have historically been hubs of automotive manufacturing, contributing to the country's reputation in the industry.

**Discovering Car Breakers in Popular Welsh Areas:**

1. **Cardiff:** As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff boasts a vibrant automotive scene. The city's history in car manufacturing has led to the establishment of several reputable car breakers. Whether you're looking for parts to enhance your vehicle's performance or simply seeking replacements, Cardiff's car breakers offer a wide range of options.

2. **Swansea:** Another bustling urban center, Swansea, has also played a significant role in the motor industry. With its proximity to the coast and industrial history, Swansea hosts car breakers that source parts from both local vehicles and those imported to the region. This diverse selection ensures you'll find the parts you need.

3. **North Wales - Snowdonia:** Even in the more rural areas, such as the breathtaking Snowdonia region, the influence of the motor industry can be felt. Many car breakers in this area specialize in vintage and classic car parts, making it a haven for enthusiasts seeking components for their cherished automobiles.

4. **Pembrokeshire:** Pembrokeshire, known for its stunning coastal landscapes, might not be the first place you associate with the motor industry. However, hidden within its charming towns and villages are car breakers that contribute to the region's automotive legacy.

**Benefits of Choosing Car Breakers in Wales:**

1. **Local Expertise:** Car breakers in Wales understand the diverse needs of local vehicle owners, ensuring you receive the best advice and parts suited to your specific requirements.

2. **Eco-Friendly Practices:** By opting for used auto parts from car breakers, you're contributing to sustainable practices by reusing components, thereby reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility.

3. **Affordability:** Finding quality used auto parts from Welsh car breakers can save you a substantial amount of money compared to purchasing new parts, allowing you to keep your vehicle running smoothly without breaking the bank.

Wales isn't just a land of stunning landscapes; it's also a treasure trove of car breakers that reflect the country's rich history in the motor industry. From the bustling cities to the tranquil countryside, you'll find reliable and affordable auto parts to meet your needs. Embrace the Welsh automotive spirit by exploring car breakers in popular regions, and experience the convenience and value they bring to your vehicle maintenance journey.