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We think we have created the best MG part finding tool in the UK. It is the only place you need when searching for your MG spares and parts. For more than a decade we have been building an unprecedented network of MG breakers and specialists, whose knowledge and experience would be hard to surpass. They have dealt with MG parts enquiries both large and small, from small items like pieces of trim, right through to larger items like a complete MG chassis. Our simple system and FREE service are just icing on the cake of what we believe is the UK’s number 1 one stop MG parts finding shop.

MG’s rocky history has meant parts can be difficult to source for certain models, but thankfully our network has all the right contacts to find your MG parts .PartsGateway’s website cannot only save you time, but can save you money and hassle. We do away with the need for scouring through classifieds, and spending hours on the phone speaking to breakers to find your MG parts.


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History In Every Nut

Originally MG was a very successful car brand, known mainly for the 2-seater sports cars they produced. With the exception of WWII, the MG brand was in constant use right up until 1980. Apart from a couple of low volume models which were basically tuned up versions of existing models such as the Montego, the MG badge didn’t feature prominently again until 1995, which saw the release of the MG F Roadster.

MG Enters A Chinese Era

After going bankrupt in 2005, MG was purchased by Nanjing Automobile, who two years later were bought out by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). SAIC have produced the first new MG models for more than 15 years, the MG3 and MG6. Both are primarily manufactured in China, although SAIC do utilise the historic Longbridge plant to assemble the cars for the UK market. Since its release in 2011 the MG6 has been well received, although still only sells in relatively small numbers in the UK.

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MG ZR+ 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1396cc 2004 Alarm/Immobiliser ECU £150.00
MG ZS+ 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 01796cc 2004 Wheel Hub £25.00
MG ZS 4 DOOR SALOON 2497cc 2004 engine £395.00
MG ZT CDTI 4 DOOR SALOON 01951cc 2003 Brake pipes £22.24
MG MGF SPORTS 1796cc 2001 MGF Lower oil filler Tube LQB100150 £68.50


[{"QaID":2715,"Make":"MG","Model":null,"Question":"In MG\u2019s Own Words","Answer":"\u2018Today, MG is more than an iconic octagonal badge; it is once again a motoring force to be reckoned with. ??Our much-loved British brand has been re-launched with the financial backing of one of the world\u2019s largest car manufacturers, which allows us to stand tall in the global market.\u2019"},{"QaID":2725,"Make":"MG","Model":null,"Question":"In Our Words","Answer":"Despite MG\u2019s rocky history they now seem to have some stability with the backing of SAIC. Hopefully they can return to their former glory, and once again be a recognised brand amongst the major manufacturers. "},{"QaID":2735,"Make":"MG","Model":null,"Question":"MG Maintenance","Answer":"A lot of MG owners perform their own repairs, as many tend to be true enthusiasts. The ones who use garages tend to use niche specialists who know the MG cars inside out. "},{"QaID":2745,"Make":"MG","Model":null,"Question":"Interesting MG Fact","Answer":"The MG name originates from Morris Garages, who the founder, Cecil Kimber, worked for. "}]
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