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volvo S60 V70 XC70 S80 XC90 petrol auto manual starter motor 2000 - 2006

Volvo S60 V70 XC70 S80 XC90 petrol models manual or auto starter motor 2000 - 2006 supplied in good usable condition and with 90 days "replace ...

Volvo C70 cab Cabriolet Convertible rear screen only 1999 - 2005

Volvo C70 Cab glass rear screen to suit 1999 - 2005 models supplied in good condition,listing is for rear screen only (taken out of the roof) please...

volvo S60 V70 XC70 S80 XC90 D5 diesel turbo starter motor

volvo S60 V70 XC70 S80 XC90 all D5 diesel turbo models bosch starter motor 2001 - 2007 models supplied in good usable condition and with 90 days guara...

Volvo S40 1996 To 2004 Wiper Front Arm WARRANTY - 960827

Volvo S40 1996 To 2004 Wiper Front Arm WARRANTY - 960827 Volvo S40 1996 To 2004 Wiper Front Arm Aspiration Turbo with Intercooler BHP 165Bhp Body Sha...

Volvo S40 1996 To 2004 Wiper Front Arm WARRANTY - 925843

Volvo S40 1996 To 2004 Wiper Front Arm WARRANTY - 925843 Volvo S40 1996 To 2004 Wiper Front Arm Aspiration Normally Aspirated BHP 136Bhp Body Shape 4...

Volvo S80 1998 To 2003 Wiper Front Arm WARRANTY - 907670

Volvo S80 1998 To 2003 Wiper Front Arm WARRANTY - 907670 Volvo S80 1998 To 2003 Wiper Front Arm Aspiration Normally Aspirated BHP 170Bhp Body Shape 4...

volvo V70 XC70 plastic lens headlamp headlight passenger N/S side 2004 - 2007

volvo V70 xc70 headlamp headlight (not xenon) passenger side 2004 - 2007 models (plastic lens) supplied in good usable condition but plastic lens loo...

volvo S60 V70 C70 2.0 2.3 2.4 turbo petrol exhaust manifold 8207888

volvo S60 V70 C70 2.0,2.3,2.4 petrol turbo exhaust manifold for 1999 - 2004 models,supplied in good usable condition,no internal or external cracks an...

volvo S60 V70 T5 2.3 turbo petrol B5234T3 cylinder head 109,000 miles

volvo S60 V70 S80 2.3 T5 petrol cylinder head (B5234T3) 2001 - 2004 showing 109,000 miles, supplied good and tested, head supplied with cam's,r...

volvo s60 v70 HU 803 HU803 radio 4 disc cd player 2000 - 2004

volvo s60 v70 radio & 4 disc cd player HU803, (not suitable for HU603 or HU850 models) supplied in good usable tested condition,just minor wear sh...

volvo S60 V70 S80 D5 163 hp 2.4 diesel turbo cylinder head D5244T 139,000 miles

volvo S60 V70 S80 2.4 D5 163 hp turbo diesel cylinder head (D5244T) 2001 - 2005 showing 139,000 miles, supplied good and tested, head supplied with ...

volvo S60 V70 o/s drivers side blue 467 mirror power fold memory 2003 - 2005

volvo S60 V70 drivers side electric heated magic blue door mirror (with power fold & memory functions) for 2003-2005 models, good usable condition...

volvo S60 V70 n/s passenger side blue 467 mirror power fold memory 2003 - 2005

volvo S60 V70 passenger side electric heated magic blue door mirror (with power fold & memory functions) for 2003-2005 models, good usable conditi...

volvo V70 S60 S80 C70 2.4 B5244S / S2 engine 106931 mls 2002 2003 2004 2005

volvo S60 V70 C70 S80 2.4 petrol engine (B5244S or B5244S2) showing 106931 miles,for 2002 - 2005 models,later engine with bosch etm, supplied as a g...

Volvo V70 XC70 Czech made rear wiper motor 8667188 2004 2005 2006 2007 models

Volvo V70 Xc70 rear wiper motor 2004 - 2007 Czech made type ( wiper arm parks to right) supplied in good usable condition (fully working) and with 90...

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Find replacement Volvo parts on PartsGateway, the #1 site for new or used Volvo spares for your car. We take the hassle out of locating genuine Volvo parts by bringing the best Volvo breakers and new car parts specialists together. Saving Volvo owners precious time and money in the process.

The Volvo name literally translates from Latin as ‘I Roll’. Whether this was intended in reference to the vehicles they would manufacture, or the ball bearings they were to manufacture we are not sure. When Volvo did start producing vehicles they were made to stand up to the Swedish terrain and climate, which is perhaps why they always seemed to get a reputation for quality and safety elsewhere in the world. Over the years Volvo cars has been owned by a few different people, firstly AB Volvo, then Ford MC, and now owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

While we are all well aware of Volvo as a car manufacturer, and many of us may also know they make trucks as well, many might not know they also make construction equipment, marine equipment, and even have an IT arm. Amongst the trucks is Volvo trucks, Mack Trucks, Renault Trucks, and UD trucks. Although Volvo has diversified into all these areas, its first purpose was as a car and ball bearing making company. Some of these have since been split into different companies, but the branding remains.

Owning such a big stake in Nissan has led to the two automakers working together on many projects. All the projects they carry out together come under the banner of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which is the fourth largest automotive group in the world. There biggest current area of investment is in electric vehicles, where between them they have pumped more than £3 Billion into research and development.

In Volvo’s Own Words… The moment today becomes yesterday, it also becomes history. And the longer the story, the more to tell. 1927 marks the starting point of Volvo cars. Since then, a steady flow of Volvo models have left the different Volvo plants, making automotive history. All with their own story to tell.

In Our Words… Volvo has been struggling with image for a few years now, and with safety being their biggest selling point, it hardly stirs the emotions. The addition of the new R models and the Polestar upgrade may help to change that. Overall Volvo have built reliable solid cars, but generally expensive to repair.

Volvo Maintenance… People are keeping cars on the road longer than ever, meaning more are turning to performing repairs themselves to keep the costs down. Volvo have always been strong technologically, meaning they are not always the easiest car to work on, but most general maintenance can be performed at home, and big savings made.

Interesting Volvo Fact… Volvo is the largest Swedish company in terms of revenue, and also the biggest private employer in the country

If you’ve used a Volvo main dealer for repairs and servicing in the past, then you will already know that you are paying them a premium. Using the parts sourced through our network can make you savings of up to 70%, keeping more of your hard earned money where it belongs, in your pocket.

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Thomas Joseoph Campbell from Greenock drives a VOLVO V70 DIESEL ESTATE 2006

if other companies copied there procedure they would be a instant success

Partsgateway Purchase: Air Flow Meter
laurence from Sevenoaks drives a VOLVO V40 S AUTO 2002

one of the best cars that i have owned

Partsgateway Purchase: Wing Mirror
Philip Sinclair from Worcester drives a VOLVO S60 T SE AUTO 2002

I have driven Volvo cars for over 30 years and they have always been extremely reliable and good cars to drive.

Partsgateway Purchase: Boot Struts
sARAH from Broseley drives a VOLVO V40 SE 2003

Fourteen years old and still going strong. no rust either.

Partsgateway Purchase: Rear Light
John Cone from Bury St. Edmunds drives a VOLVO V50 SE D DRIVE 2010

I don't know how Volvo can warrant the costs of £1100 for a nearside door mirror that has BLISS attached. You have to purchase each individual item that makes up the assembly. Robbery.

Partsgateway Purchase: Headlight
Ben from York drives a VOLVO V70 D5 SE E4 AWD 2006

At 150000miles alot goes wrong. Throttle body, wiper motor, o2 sensor,shockers,stereo. All failed within 2000miles.

Partsgateway Purchase: Door
Ian Paton from Falkirk drives a VOLVO S60 SE T5 2003

The piping is pretty weak. Had a hole since I bought the car which I thought was the throttle body. Had to replace a reluctor ring to which fixed the cruise control. Generally very good car though and with the piping fixed it currently meets my expectations :)

Partsgateway Purchase: Intercooler to Throttle Body Piping
mike from High Wycombe drives a VOLVO V70 D S E4 2005

v70 diesel is a bag of shit - constant faults - its over complicated but under-engineered - volvo itself is finished IMO after 60 years 1930s-90s of making great cars they've lost the plot

Partsgateway Purchase: Alloy Wheel
david leonard from Bristol drives a VOLVO V50 SE D5 A 2008

have owned this volvo v50 d5 for around 9 mouths now and so far its been a great car has lots of power when needed not to bad on fuel the only thing had to replace the air con unit worn pulley bearing apart from that everything works very well auto box works well great family size car

Partsgateway Purchase: Air Conditioning Pump
Ben from York drives a VOLVO V70 D5 SE E4 AWD 2006

they start to fall apart at 150,000 miles

Partsgateway Purchase: Stereo CD Player
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