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A Very British Company

Although Vauxhall is now a subsidiary of Adam Opel AG, which in turn is owned by GM (General Motors), it roots are very British, and it undoubtedly this Britishness of the brand, and the fact it has been the UKís second biggest selling manufacturer for decades, that is the main contributing factor in why Opel havenít completely absorbed the brand, and maintained its own identity in the British market.

Sporting Popularity

Vauxhall have always provided a sportier variant of their cars. In the past we have seen GTE and GSi variants sell well, but their current VXR variant seems to have the biggest fan club out of them all. The Astra VXR in particular has a large owners club and fan base in the UK. This sporty heritage has also led to Vauxhall turning their hands to motorsport, mainly focusing their efforts on touring cars, where they have enjoyed some success.

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Did you know...

"Vauxhall have a long standing relationship with the UK police."


"The Vauxhall Calibra Turbo 4x4 could outrun a Cosworth."


"An outrageous Inviation to Speed was the statemtent made by the Police Association about the Lotus Carlton."


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VAUXHALL MERIVA LIFE E-TRONIC MPV 1598cc 2009 Fog Light £10.00
VAUXHALL MERIVA S MPV 1398cc 2010 Side Repeaters Wing Mirror Wing Headlight £180.00
VAUXHALL ASTRA SXI 16V 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1598cc 2002 Bumper £45.00
VAUXHALL VIVARO SWB DIESEL PANEL VAN 1995cc 2011 Drivers side door moulding £25.00


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[{"QaID":"1845","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":null,"Question":"In Vauxhall\u2019s Own Words","Answer":"Vauxhall has been keeping Britain on the move since 1903 \u2013 making us the country\u2019s oldest automotive brand. Our forward-thinking philosophy and drive for excellence has resulted in a long line of innovative vehicles."},{"QaID":"1855","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":null,"Question":"In Our Words","Answer":"Vauxhall has been one of Britain\u2019s biggest car brands for decades, and while some of the older cars had a reputation for unreliability, they seem to have consistently increased the quality over the decades, becoming both more reliable, and more desirable. "},{"QaID":"1865","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":null,"Question":"Vauxhall Maintenance","Answer":"The high volume of Vauxhalls on our roads means there is lots of aftermarket options and specialists, all of which can make you considerable savings on the running costs of your Vauxhall. "},{"QaID":"1875","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":null,"Question":"Interesting Vauxhall Fact","Answer":"Vauxhall used to have a reputation for rusting; a fact supported by the fact the MK Cavalier is the UK\u2019s most scrapped vehicle. "}]
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