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A Growing MPV

When the Vauxhall Zafira was introduced it was classed as an MPV, and enjoyed good steady sales figures. However, the third generation released by Vauxhall had grown in size compared to its siblings, and is now classed as a Large MPV. The Zafira Tourer has also enjoyed a considerable styling makeover.

An Expanding Range

Vauxhall have increased the size of this new Zafira in direct competition to Ford’s S-Max. Vauxhall do however say they are going to makeover the smaller Zafira and keep making it available as a smaller option, for those who don’t want the larger Zafira. The Zafira is also available as a duel fuel vehicle, with a mixture of petrol and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) providing very impressive tank range figures.

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Vauxhall ZAFIRA Q&A

[{"QaID":"2085","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":"Zafira","Question":"How reliable is the Vauxhall Zafira?","Answer":"The Zafira is part of Vauxhall\u2019s newer range of models, and the reputation for reliability has improved greatly. "},{"QaID":"2095","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":"Zafira","Question":"How easy is it to get Zafira spares?","Answer":"Being a current model means Zafira parts are still fairly easy to come by, and there are plenty of aftermarket options also. "},{"QaID":"2105","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":"Zafira","Question":"Is it safe to buy used Zafira spares from a breaker?","Answer":"Specialist breakers will let you know the exact condition of the part, and only keep good parts for resale."},{"QaID":"2115","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":"Zafira","Question":"What is the difference between genuine and aftermarket Zafira parts?","Answer":"This varies from part to part. Sometimes the difference is simply the packaging, other times the aftermarket part can be stronger to address a weakness in the original part, and sometimes the original part provides the best option. Our specialists will guide you in finding what is best for you."},{"QaID":"2125","Make":"VAUXHALL","Model":"Zafira","Question":"Are Vauxhall Zafira repairs expensive?","Answer":"Zafira repairs at a Vauxhall main dealer can be high, but thankfully we are here to help. "}]



VAUXHALL ZAFIRA DESIGN MPV 1598cc 2009 front door glass £35.75
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA SRI TURBO MPV 1998cc 2007 Turbocharger £276.00
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA COMFORT DTI MPV 1995cc 2001 vacuum pipe £9.99
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA DESIGN CDTI 150 E4 MPV 1910cc 2006 engine ecu 0281013567 £75.00
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA CLUB CDTI 120 MPV 1910cc 2005 Turbocharger £325.00
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