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No matter what size BMW part you need, PartsGateway is the best part finding tool for you. We have over a decade of experience in helping BMW owners find exactly the parts or spares they need. Our well-established and trustworthy network of BMW breakers and parts experts put a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. They have sourced BMW parts both large and small, and are yet to receive an enquiry they cannot fulfill. We give you access to all of this for FREE, saving you time, money, and hassle. Take advantage of out user-friendly system today, and join the thousands of satisfied customers who are already PartsGateway regulars.

As with all luxury products, many BMW owners have discovered that luxury comes at a cost, and the cost is often high running costs. Using a main dealer can prove extremely expensive. That’s where the PartsGateway network steps in. You can make huge savings on all your BMW parts and spares need, using reliable and trustworthy BMW breakers and parts specialists.

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German Build Quality Personified

BMW have an excellent reputation for building reliable luxury vehicles. For many years they were the benchmark by which other executive cars were tested. BMW stuck largely to the same design, taking the attitude that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. In more recent years we have seen BMW take a new direction, and it has taken a while to catch on. However the current introduction of a 4 Series and a new style seems to have greatly improved the situation.

Quality At Both Ends Of The Scale

BMW have undoubtedly had a large influence on the marques they own, with MINI proving successful at the small end of the market, and Rolls Royce seeming to be entering a new period of growth at the top end of the luxury market. It is not without competition though, both Mercedes and Audi offer stiff competition, and the three automakers are the biggest sellers of luxury vehicles in the world.

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Save on BMW 5 Series parts inc E60 and M5 - 1981 to present. Compare quotes

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Discount BMW X5 Parts 2001 to present. Compare quotes



BMW 320D EFFICIENTDYNAMICS 4 DOOR SALOON 1995cc 2011 Dashboard £62.50
BMW 523I SPORT TOURING AUTO ESTATE 2497cc 2005 front nearside headlight £150.00
BMW 330D M SPORT AUTO 4 DOOR SALOON 2993cc 2006 Bumper £321.19
BMW 325I SE AUTO 4 DOOR SALOON 2497cc 2006 Door Handle £20.00
BMW X5 SPORT D AUTO ESTATE 2993cc 2005 REAR DIFF £550.00


[{"QaID":"2335","Make":"BMW","Model":null,"Question":"In BMW\u2019s Own Words","Answer":"BMW have used a variety of slogans over the years, the enduring one seems to be \u2018The Ultimate Driving Machine\u2019, although they have also used, \u2018The Ultimate Driving Pleasure\u2019, and \u2018BMW. Sheer Driving Pleasure\u2019."},{"QaID":"2345","Make":"BMW","Model":null,"Question":"In Our Words","Answer":"BMW is the manufacturer for luxury executive cars, although in recent years they have had more competition from Audi, the newest range seems to be re-establishing them as top dogs."},{"QaID":"2355","Make":"BMW","Model":null,"Question":"BMW Maintenance","Answer":"More people maintain their own BMW\u2019s than you might initially think. The large number of old high mileage vehicles on the road means a lot of enthusiasts and DIY mechanics enjoy getting their hands dirty on their BMW. "},{"QaID":"2365","Make":"BMW","Model":null,"Question":"Interesting BMW Fact","Answer":"Many people know BMW originally made airplane engines, but not many know the engine was the favourite of The Red Baron in WWI. He described it as the best engine in the war. "}]
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