MAZDA 6 2009 2.2 DIESEL JDS REF-060 / ECU SET KIT R2AB 18 881M 275800-9159

MAZDA 6 2009 2.2 DIESEL JDS REF-060 / ECU SET KIT R2AB 18 881M    275800-9159
£180.00 Inc VAT & Delivery
Davies Salvage
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MAZDA 6 2009 2.2 DIESEL JDS REF-060 / ECU SET KIT R2AB 18 881M 275800-9159


FITS: 6 2008 - 2013 GH 2.2 Diesel Engine Management ECU

ECU PART NUMBERS-R2AB 18 881M 275800-9159


In good working order.

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