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Speedy Salvage Ltd

Speedy Salvage LTD is a Specialist breakers yard. We have a dedicated team whom combined have over 60 years of expertise in dismantling / fitting vehicles. We are officially a Registered / Authorised Vehicle Dismantlers company recognised by the Environment Agency and DVLA. On site we have specialist dismantling and de-polluting equipment and well equipped workshops. Speedy Salvage LTD have built a high reputation off supplying used car parts nationally and internationally in the Vag and Vauxhall/Opel range that is second to none. All car parts are available regardless of how small or large they are and most parts are supplied off the shelf as all parts are stocked up. With unbeatable prices you are guaranteed to get excellent value for your money plus you can save as much as 85% off main dealer prices. We serve and offer a service of high quality for our customer's satisfaction. We now offer 24 hour delivery on parts whether locally or nationwide using a contracted courier service(s). We also offer shipping worldwide on most parts. All parts come fully guaranteed and are tested prior to removal and dispatch.

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The Delivery on this order is typically 1-2 Working Days

Terms & Conditions

We offer 7 days to 180 days Warranties or Guarantees for used car spare parts.
We do not offer any compensation of any sort as in the sale or supply of any used vehicle spare parts if found to be faulty or incorrect, we will only refund for the part payment made to us. No labour charges direct or indirect occurred or out of pocket expenses. neither are we a party to any contracts.

We merely provide used parts for your car at great discount purposes. We can not check quality or safety of a part. We strongly advise you to have this part fitted by a qualified engineer.
We do not promote, warrant, endorse or guarantee products of any manufacturer or franchisee.

1. Most vehicles and parts of vehicles from this establishment are auto-salvage, are second-hand, and are sold as such. Whilst we wish to give good value to all our customers, we cannot guarantee each part to be absolutely perfect and this is reflected in our prices when they are compared to new items.
2. We will always try to supply the exact part that our customers require. Due to variations in Make, Model, Design, and Year of manufacture, we cannot give any guarantee that any parts are correct for the purpose required. All sales are made on the strict understanding that the customer is responsible for making sure that the parts bought are correct for the particular vehicle. We will however, attempt to replace the part for another part in the same condition as when purchased if notified within 48 hours of purchase for any incorrect fitting parts. All parts must be returned within 7 days for any refund or credit to be considered.
3. The vendor accepts no responsibility for damage to the said part or any motor vehicle to which it is fitted or to any impaired performance caused by faulty or insufficient installation or subsequent damage caused by lack of maintenance or for the loss of use of a motor vehicle whilst part is being returned or exchanged.
4. Title of the goods shall remain with the Vendor (see Company Name at base of this Warranty) until the full purchase price thereof has been paid.
5. All engines are warranted against cracked cylinder blocks or heads, bad cam or crankshaft, excessive smoking, and to be in good running order unless otherwise stated.
6. Cylinder heads are guaranteed against cracks ONLY.
7. Any used engine purchased must have new oil and filter fitted upon installation by a reputable fitter.
8. The purchaser must provide for a new tune-up upon installation of an engine, e.g.: points, plugs, plug leads etc.) In the case of a diesel engine new fuel filters MUST be installed. All engines must have a new cambelt fitted otherwise there will be no warranty given.
9. This warranty does not cover for accessories to engines such as: water pump, fuel pump, carburettor, distributor, manifolds, computers and clutch etc.
10. Transmissions are warranted to be in good working order against slippage or shifting failures.
11. Engines and Transmissions must have new seals and new oil installed upon installation into a vehicle (warranty does NOT cover rear main engine seals).

12. Back axles are guaranteed to work properly, gears are guaranteed to be in good condition, and bearings are guaranteed not to be noisy at the time of purchase. There is NO guarantee for labour to install or remove.
13. Proper oil levels and cooling levels must be maintained at all times for warranty to be valid.
14. When “Heat Tabs” have been fixed onto cylinder heads or engines, the warranty becomes void if the heat tab is missing or has been damaged or melted (melting of the centre of a Heat Tab shows that the part has been overheated).
15. NO refunds on special order Parts.
16. NO deposit refunded.
17. All glass is sold “as is/as seen” at the time of sale.
18. NO refunds or returns for “cut-to-order” body sections.
19. All warranty installations must be carried out by a certified, reputable fitter / workshop or an authorised agent of this establishment. Improper installation will void this warranty.
20. All warranty claims must be presented to an authorised agent or manager of this establishment within the number of days specified above from the date of purchase for this warranty to be valid.
21. This establishment may undertake to: replace parts, repair or refund the original purchase price- NOT the labour costs.
22. All implied warranties are limited to the terms; any consequential or incidental damages are not covered under this warranty.
23. Refunds and replacements are for parts only – carriage/delivery charges are not included, therefore not refundable.
24. This warranty is not transferable and does NOT cover damage to parts that are used in connection with any vehicle racing or equipment connected to racing or damage / accident caused by misuse.
25. This warranty is void without “Proof of Purchase.”
26. Unless the part purchased is faulty, the returned part may be charged with a handling fee. Parts returned unwanted will be subject to a handling fee and the refund will be by credit note only.
27. NO exchanges after the days stated above.

28. This establishment does NOT assume responsibility for towing charges, lay-up time, telephone charges, losses due to down-time, costs and lodgings, cost of vehicle use, inconvenience, car or truck rental.
29. Any merchandise or invoice marked with “As is/As seen” will void this warranty- this means “NO REFUND”!
30. These terms and conditions of sale are not intended to restrict or exclude any legal rights bestowed or implied by Law or a consumers statutory rights under the “Sale of Goods Act” 1979 or “The Unfair Contract Act” 1977 or any amendment thereof.

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