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If you need new or used Ford Fiesta spare parts or spares, then PartsGateway is the best parts sourcing tool for you. Not only is it quick, simple, and FREE, but our huge network of Ford Fiesta breakers and specialists will give you advice to ensure you get the correct Ford Fiesta Spares, and deliver them straight to your door. No Ford Fiesta parts request is too big or too small; over the last decade they have supplied Ford Fiesta car parts of all sizes, from complete Fiesta engines, to a simple interior switch.

As the Fiesta is such a popular car, Ford Fiesta car parts are in high demand, and generally readily available. This means that no matter how old or new your Fiesta is, or how big or small your needs, within our network of Ford Fiesta breakers and parts specialists, there are very knowledgeable people ready to help you with all of your Ford Fiesta parts needs.

An Icon In The Making

The Fiesta is one of Fords longest standing models that is still in production. It has seen six generations come and go, and found success in nearly every corner of the world. In total over 16 million of them have been sold, making it second only to the Escort and F-Series in terms of Ford’s overall sales figures. The newest shape Fiesta is the first to sport the ST badge.

The Futures Looks Bright

The Supermini class has been getting consistently stronger for some years now, with motorists priorities changing to more financially driven factors, such as economy, and as the roads get busier, ease of use. All of this bodes well for the longstanding supermini, as so many of us are already familiar with the brand, and Ford have a ready made market of Fans, where as new entrants to the Supermini market must start from scratch.