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A Colourful History

Rover has been through a succession of owners, from its beginnings as part of British Leyland, up until it was split from the Land Rover marque when Ford purchased the 4x4 division. Despite the turbulence in the background, Rover have produced many successful models, including the Rover 200 and the much acclaimed Rover 75.

The Biggest Casualty

BMW paid £800 Million pounds for Rover Group Holdings, and poured much more money into trying to turn the manufacturer around. However, despite BMW’s best efforts, Rover’s fortunes didn’t improve much, and after 6 years BMW announced their plan to sell Rover. As part of the sale, the Land Rover brand was separated out and sold as a separate entity to Ford Motor Company.

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Did you know...

"Rover cars were always a firm favourite with the UK police force catering for every aspect of law enforcement."


"The early Rover badge adopted an actual Viking rather than the boat "


"The Rover 220 Turbo was one of the desirable cars of the time, adorning every schoolboy’s walls."


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ROVER 75 CONNOISSEUR SE 4 DOOR SALOON 1796cc 2004 top hose £25.00
ROVER 45 CLASSIC SE 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1396cc 2004 Rear Light £15.00
ROVER 45 CLASSIC SE 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1396cc 2004 Bumper £65.00
ROVER 211I E 8V 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1120cc 1999 Boot Lock £20.00
ROVER 75 CLUB SE 4 DOOR SALOON 1796cc 2003 Gear Cable £40.00


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[{"QaID":"1355","Make":"ROVER","Model":null,"Question":"In Rover\u2019s Own Words","Answer":"Rover\u2019s advertising often carried the slogan, \u2018Above All, It\u2019s A Rover\u2019. "},{"QaID":"1365","Make":"ROVER","Model":null,"Question":"In Our Words","Answer":"Despite the fact Rover\u2019s were a part of British culture, the constant succession of buyouts and mergers proved to much for it to handle. Towards the end many of the models became dated, as they were revamping older platforms to avoid development costs. They still did a decent job, and have many loyal owners still out there, nearly a decade after ceasing production. "},{"QaID":"1375","Make":"ROVER","Model":null,"Question":"Rover Maintenance","Answer":"Rover maintenance isn\u2019t as clear cut as some other manufacturers, as there is no dealer network in place, leaving owners with only two options, either carrying out the work themselves, or finding a trustworthy independent mechanic. Thankfully, whichever you choose, PartsGateway is here to ensure you get the right Rover parts at the right price. "},{"QaID":"1395","Make":"ROVER","Model":null,"Question":"Interesting Rover Fact","Answer":"Austin-Rover\u2019s Maestro was the first car with a talking digital dash. The firm employed actress Nicolette Mackenzie to record the warnings, although Spain and Germany both received male warning voices. "}]
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