Was Excessive Force Used By The Police?

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A Police officer who felt he was forced from his job has won over £400k in compensation.

The Incident

Police Officer PC Mike Baillon chased a black Range Rover through country lanes in south wales, the occupant who wasn’t wearing his seat belt failed to stop when he heard the sirens. Once the Range Rover eventually stopped, PC Baillon attacked the drivers window with his baton, whilst a fellow officer jumped on to the bonnet of the expensive car and started to kick in the windscreen. Because the assailant turned out to be a partly disabled OAP the action was seen as extreme.


Fellow officers believed PC Baillons actions to be wrong, and thought him lucky to have gotten away with it. This led to what PC Baillon describes as a bullying campaign from fellow officers, who had branded him a ‘Laughing stock’, which included daily ridicule and the defacement of his locker. This continued barrage of abuse led to PC Baillon suffering from stress and eventually being removed from frontline duties.

He eventually left the job and wrote letters of complaint to the Police authorities involved.

The Result

An internal investigation later cleared the officers involved of any misconduct, and Mr Baillon sued the Police authority for constructive dismissal. He has won his case and been awarded just over £400k in compensation, as well as £10k for loss of earnings. The figure was partly justified because of his loss of pension he would have received if been allowed to carry on his career in the force.

See the video below and decide for yourself. Do you think it was excessive?

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