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Thousands of Peugeot owners would agree that we are the best tool for finding new or used Peugeot 207 parts and spares. We have a huge network of breakers and parts specialists that are all ready and able to assist you right now. Whether you’re a mechanic and know exactly what you need, or are not quite sure what the problem is, our Peugeot specialists will be able to advise and help you. They have dealt with enquiries of all sizes for more than a decade, and they’ve never come across an enquiry they can’t fulfill.

Using our system couldn’t be simpler, just enter your registration number in the box provided and answer a couple of simple questions about your car. Within a matter of minutes you’ll be receiving 207 quotes and advice direct to your inbox. If you’ve used a main dealer for your parts and repairs in the past, then you’ll already be aware of the over inflated prices they can charge. Join us in driving down the cost of motoring by using our FREE service to source all of your Peugeot 207 parts and spares. Thousands of satisfied 207 owners already have, why not become one of them today?


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Bad Timing

At the time of the release of the little supermini there was unrest with the Peugeot workers, as it had been announced that Peugeot intended to close their UK based factory. The workers went on strike and called for a boycott of all Peugeot and Citroen cars in the UK, but despite their best efforts the sales figures still grew. How much of this turning tide was down to the popularity of the 207 we will never know, but it sold well all over the globe in its first year.

More Than A Supermini

Despite being primarily a supermini, Peugeot also released different body styles, which included a 5-door version, and estate, and the popular 207 CC. The 207 was one of the vehicles that added to Peugeot’s growing reputation for producing boring vehicles, as while it was capable, it didn’t excel in any area, being described by some as bland. They thought Peugeot had played it very safely when designing the car, and it left it charmless.

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Peugeot 207 Q&A

[{"QaID":"5315","Make":"PEUGEOT","Model":"207","Question":"How reliable is the Peugeot 207?","Answer":"The 207 has proved itself to be a generally reliable car, but for those few unfortunate owners faced with unexpected repairs we are here to help. "},{"QaID":"5325","Make":"PEUGEOT","Model":"207","Question":"How easy is it to get 207 spares?","Answer":"As Peugeot is one of the main manufacturers in the UK, 207 parts and spares are usually easy to come across using our network. "},{"QaID":"5335","Make":"PEUGEOT","Model":"207","Question":"Is it safe to buy used 207 spares from a breaker?","Answer":"Specialist breakers will let you know the exact condition of the part, and only keep good parts for resale."},{"QaID":"5345","Make":"PEUGEOT","Model":"207","Question":"What is the difference between genuine and aftermarket 207 parts?","Answer":"This varies from part to part. Sometimes the difference is simply the packaging, other times the aftermarket part can be stronger to address a weakness in the original part, and sometimes the original part provides the best option. Our specialists will guide you in finding what is best for you."},{"QaID":"5355","Make":"PEUGEOT","Model":"207","Question":"Are 207 Repairs expensive?","Answer":"Large unexpected repair bills can cause many problems, but you can make considerable savings by taking advantage of our experienced network of 207 breakers and parts suppliers. "}]



PEUGEOT 207 SPORT 3 DOOR HATCHBACK 1397cc 2008 Fuel Injectors £40.00
PEUGEOT 207 SPORT 87 3 DOOR HATCHBACK 1360cc 2006 Headlight £130.00
PEUGEOT 207 S HDI 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1398cc 2011 wing mirror £60.00
PEUGEOT 207 S 3 DOOR HATCHBACK 1360cc 2009 bumper £99.00
PEUGEOT 207 M:PLAY 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1360cc 2008 wing mirror £44.00
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