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With the roads getting busier and parking spaces becoming tighter, the increase in bumper Scuffs, scrapes , dents and vehicle shunts now makes bumper replacement the most requested car part on the PartsGateway network. Not only does bumper damage harm the appearance of your vehicle, it can significantly affect its resale value.

A common misconception is that bumpers are designed to protect people from injury. The primary role of the bumper is to protect vehicle parts from impact and prevent injury to pedestrians – not the vehicle occupants. Which is why even a low speed impact such as nuding another vehicle when parking can cause extensive damage making the bumper uneconomical to repair.

In many instances, unsightly bumper scuffs or scrapes can be repaired and repsrayed by a reputable body shop. Unfortunately when impact has misshaped or cracked the bumper, it is most likely your bumper will need replacing.

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