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1 Featured mercedes c-class radiator parts for sale

Mercedes C Class 2015  Radiator (water)

2015 MERCEDES C CLASS 1.6 DIESEL WATER RADIATOR GENUINE A0995006903Used but good/working condition part. The item have minor scratches/tears/dents/scuffed/signs of corrosion or similar attributes of used car part, which can be seen in the photos.


mercedes c-class Radiator Faults, Failures & Tests

A vehicles radiator is the car engines best friend. Unlike a household radiator which outputs heat, the radiator found under the bonnet keeps the engine nice and cool. An overheated engine spells disaster which can seriously harm your vehicle and your pocket.

If your engine is overheating and your temperature gauge is in the red, do not dirve the vehicle. First check your engine coolant levels and signs for radiator leakages under the car. Other causes of overheating include corroded radiator hoses, stuck thermostat, faulty radiator caps or a malfunctioning radiator fan.

If your radiator has reached the end of it’s life cycle, it can be easily replaced at low cost and your vehicle is back on the road in no time.

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