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The baby Land Rover

Since its launch in 2007 the Freelander has been popular. From 1997 to 2002 it was Europe’s best selling 4x4, and while it may have completed more school runs than off road courses, its pedigree is unquestionable. While not featuring the locking differential nor low range gearbox of its bigger siblings, the Freelander none the less competed in the Camel Trophy.

A changing market

Despite the Freelander’s success and pedigree, Land Rover recognised that many owners would never use the vehicle for off road driving, so offered a 2 wheel drive model. This also proved successful, despite losing the hill descent control and terrain response of the 4x4 model. 2013 saw the highest global sales of the Freelander since its launch, and regular revisions seem to keep the SUV going from strength to strength.

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LAND ROVER FREELANDER 5 DOOR FREELANDER 2004 sunroof, Gloucestershire
LAND ROVER FREELANDER 5 DOOR 2002 Glow Plugs, Worcestershire
LAND ROVER FREELANDER 5 DOOR 1998 Door Lock Barrel, Somerset
LAND ROVER FREELANDER 3 DOOR 2004 Viscous Coupling, Cheshire
LAND ROVER FREELANDER ESTATE 2000 Rear differential mounts, Derbyshire



LAND ROVER FREELANDER XI S-WAGON ESTATE 1795cc 2000 Idle Control Valve £10.00
LAND ROVER FREELANDER ADVENTURER TD ESTATE 1951cc 2006 leather seats £100.00
LAND ROVER FREELANDER TD4 GS ESTATE 1951cc 2001 Window Regulator £45.00
LAND ROVER FREELANDER ESTATE 1951cc 2001 Aerial £15.00
LAND ROVER FREELANDER ADVENTURER TD ESTATE 1951cc 2006 propshaft support bearings £24.99


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[{"QaID":"3785","Make":"LANDROVER","Model":"FREELANDER","Question":"How reliable is a Land Rover Freelander?","Answer":"The baby Land Rover has a good reputation for reliability."},{"QaID":"3795","Make":"LANDROVER","Model":"FREELANDER","Question":"How easy is it to get Freelander spares?","Answer":"The Freelander was Europe\u2019s best selling 4x4 for 5 years after its release, so the spares market is quite large, making them generally easy to source."},{"QaID":"3805","Make":"LANDROVER","Model":"FREELANDER","Question":"Is it safe to buy used Freelander spares from a breaker?","Answer":"Specialist breakers will let you know the exact condition of the part, and only keep good parts for resale."},{"QaID":"3815","Make":"LANDROVER","Model":"FREELANDER","Question":"What is the difference between genuine and aftermarket Freelander parts?","Answer":"This varies from part to part. Sometimes the difference is simply the packaging, other times the aftermarket part can be stronger to address a weakness in the original part, and sometimes the original part provides the best option. Our specialists will guide you in finding what is best for you."},{"QaID":"3825","Make":"LANDROVER","Model":"FREELANDER","Question":"Are Freelander Repairs expensive?","Answer":"The Freelander is often the most affordable Land Rover. It\u2019s popularity means breakers and new and used parts specialists always have a good stock. "}]
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