How to change a car bonnet

Compared to many jobs on your car, replacing the bonnet is relatively easy, although it can be awkward because of the size and shape of the bonnet. It is possible to do the job on your own, but it is easier if you have an extra pair of hands to help take the weight while undoing bolts etc., and hopefully with two of you to lift the old bonnet off and put the new one in place, you will avoid scratching your paintwork or causing any dents.


Safety First

Before carrying out any job on your car you should always make sure it is parked on a level surface and the engine has cooled since the last journey.


Step 1

You will need a ratchet with the correct size head (Usually 10mm). Open the bonnet and secure it in place by the normal means.


Step 2

Most bonnets will be attached to the car by two to four bolts. You should loosen all bolts very slightly before taking them out. This will let you know if any are going to cause a problem, which itís much better to discover before you have already removed half of them. Make sure you loosen the bolts on the bonnet, not the car. You can now completely remove the bolts from one side of the car. Once they are removed get your helper to take the weight of the bonnet while you repeat the process on the other bracket.


Step 3

After removing the bolts from the other side you should be able to release the bar supporting the bonnet, and carefully life the bonnet upwards then away from the vehicle.

You are now ready to fit your new bonnet

Step 4

Together lift the new bonnet into place so that it lines up with the bolt holes. You can insert the bonnet support if it helps at the point. Reversing the removal process, simply replace all the bolts into their original locations.


Step 5

Potentially the most awkward part of refitting the bonnet is making sure it is correctly aligned. Be sure to close the bonnet slowly checking alignment as