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Fiat punto grande,drivers side electric mirror

Fiat punto grande,drivers side electric door mirror , in good working condition,suitable for vehicles manufactured from 2006 to 2015

HEADLIGHT 1999 2002 Fiat Punto 1.2 DRIVERS SIDE Headlamp & WARRANTY - 5121432

HEADLIGHT 1999-2002 Fiat Punto 1.2 DRIVERS SIDE Headlamp & WARRANTY - 5121432 Fiat Punto Drivers/Off/Right Hand Side Headlamp/Headlight Removed f...

FIAT PUNTO 1994 2006 Engine Sump Pan

FIAT PUNTO 1994-2006 Engine Sump Pan Engine Sump Pan See Linked Variant 1994-2003 ...



Fiat Punto, passenger side sun visor

Fiat Punto, passenger side sun visor, in good condition, suitable for all models manufactured up to 2016

Fiat Punto heater motor

Fiat Punto heater motor , suitable for vehicles manufactured from 1999 to 2006 , please observe the part number provided in the picture too sure you a...

Fiat punto grande/evo , sun visor

Fiat punto grande/ evo, drivers side sun visor, in good condition, suitable for vehicles manufactured from 2006 to 2016

Fiat Punto Grande driver's side seat belt

Fiat Punto Grande, driver's side seat belt, 3 door model , suitable for vehicles manufactured from 2006 to 2010

Fiat punto grande/ evo, door mirror

Fiat punto grande/ evo, passager side electric door mirror in light blue colour, few light scratchs otherwise good,suitable for vehicles manufacture...

Fiat Punto Grande / Evo tailgate lock mechanism

Fiat Punto Grande / Evo , tailgate locking mechanism , suitable for all models manufactured from 2007 onwards

Fiat punto grande, electric window switch

Fiat punto grande , passenger side electric window switch, 6 pin , please check as they also do a 4 pin , suitable for vehicles manufactured from 2006...

Fiat Punto Grande / Evo , bonnet mechanism

Fiat Punto Grande / Evo bonnet locking mechanism

Fiat Punto Grande interior light unit

Fiat Punto Grande / Evo interior light unit, suitable for all models manufactured from 2006 to 2015

Fiat punto grande, engine sump

Fiat punto grande, 1.4 16v alloy sump , engine code 199A6000 , all good , please note that our carriage charges excludes the Highlands of Scotland and...


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The Fiat Punto’s main market rivals are the VW Golf and the Fiat Punto. Despite such stiff competition it still beat them both to the European Car of the Year award in 1995. It has a reputation for being cheap to repair, with parts readily available. This has made it popular in the amateur motorsport world, where many contenders maintain their own vehicles.

The Punto is now called the Punto once again. After a brief change to the Fiat Grande Punto, and a stint in some markets as the Punto Evo, Fiat have now dropped all the bells and whistles and reverted back to plain old Punto. Why not as well, after over 8.5 million cars have been sold, popularity clearly isn’t something the little hatch is lacking.

Common and potential problems of the Fiat Punto

The Fiat Punto has been a common site on the UK’s roads since it’s introduction in 1993. Since then it has seen three incarnations, with the second and third generations overlapping. The model has primarily been available as a 3 or 5 door hatchback, although there was a 2-door convertible and a 3-door van also available.

First Generation 1993-1999

The first generation Punto was a direct replacement of the Fiat Uno. It was immediately successful, and voted the European Car of the Year in 1995, just edging out the VW Polo. It was available with several different engines, a 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6 petrol engines, as well as a 1.7 diesel engine. There was also a turbocharged 1.4 GT model available from 1995 onwards.

Rear wiper motors failing

If headlights go dim it is usually because the headlight connectors have melted

Many people had problems with their rear brake lights. It was usually traced back to a bad earth

Many people have complained about how quickly the interior upholstery wears

Some are known to get through head gaskets quite frequently

If your journeys consist of lots of speed bumps then keep an eye on the rear radius arm

There was a recall for a brake problem, check yours has been done

Second Generation 1999 – 2010

The second incarnation of the Punto saw the return of the round Fiat badge to a production car. Although it retained the familiar Punto shape the styling was greatly updated, and the interior and chassis were completely overhauled. In 2003 there was a face-lift model released. This newer version helped Fiat to comply with new regulations on pedestrian safety.

Whilst Fiat seemed to address the wiper motor failures common on the MK1, the ball joint in the wiper mechanism has now replaced it as a new problem

Many people reported problems with dashboard lights coming on when they shouldn’t, or particular lights staying on for no reason. This is usually down to the circuit used for the dashboard lights, and can drain the battery if left unchecked

It is prone to the wing mirrors falling off for no apparent reason

Several people experienced various problems relating to the engine management system

Power steering failures aren’t massively common, but happen often enough to make it worth checking. On this model Fiat changed the type of power steering system they use

Several people experience leaks in the foot wells. This appears to just be water getting into the car, and nothing as sinister as the heater matrix etc.

There were also lots of owners generally complaining about how noisy they become, and the general consensus amongst enthusiasts seems to be that they are not as reliable as the mk1.

Third Generation 2005 – Present

The third Punto to be produced was named the Grande Punto. As with the second generation it was styled by Giugiaro. The Grande Punto became known as the Punto Evo after the face-lift of 2009, which saw major changes such as a new interior, front end, as well as revised rear lights.

As with the mk2, the power steering can be prone to failure. This can be a costly repair and potentially dangerous if travelling at higher speeds when the failure happens.

Many owners complained about a lack of sound proofing, causing excessive road noise.

Very few members of the owners clubs or enthusiast sites were able to reach the advertised mpg figure.

Earlier models suffered from a clonking steering column, especially apparent over bumps. This appears to have been solved on later models.

The rear window heater is prone to failure

The drivers side door lock can become jammed

Several owners reported problems with the odometer; it would either start intermittently flashing or disappear altogether.

Whilst several Fiat owners reported getting decent service from the dealerships, they also reported that if they ever needed to make contact with Fiat UK they generally were not very helpful.

To find your spares you need for your Fiat Punto, type in your Fiat vehicle registration number, enter the fiesta part you need ie, headlight, bumper, wing mirror etc, and any further details unique to your vehicle. We then rank parts quotes and auto matches in price order so you can identify the best value. Most Fiat Punto spares are available for immediate dispatch and many Fiat specialists offer free delivery. We will also match items within your region so you can call and collect and save on postage. The minimum parts guarantee on Fiat Punto spare parts is 30 days up to 12 months ensuring total peace of mind.

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