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We are constantly working to ensure our system provides you with the best Citroen C4 parts finding tool in the UK. Using our FREE service lets you tap into the UK’s best network of C4 breakers and parts specialists. Whether you need a common part such as a C4 fuel pump or bumper, or a rarer or bigger part such as a complete C4 engine, our network have the experience and contacts to help you get the right part at the right price.

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First released in 2004, the C4 is now in its second generation. In various marets it has been released as a hatchback and a sedan, as well as the popular Picasso model, which is the MPV version. Mechanically the Citroen C4 is very similar to the Peugeot 308. In 2010 the coupe version was dropped from the model range, with Citroen instead introducing the DS4.

A New Spikier C4

In 2014 Citroen released the unusually styled C4 Cactus. This model doesn’t look much like the more traditional C4’s. It features what Citroen are calling ‘Airbump’ panels strategically placed around the car to protect it from slow speed impact such as would happen in car parks. The Airbump panels are available in contrasting colours to the car, and the model appears to be proving very popular around Europe.

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Citroen C4 Q&A

[{"QaID":"6025","Make":"CITROEN","Model":"C4","Question":"How reliable are Citroen C4\u2019s?","Answer":"C4 owners seem very happy with its reliability. The more modern design and many variations available mean there will always be some problems, but they seem to be minor and not too common. "},{"QaID":"6035","Make":"CITROEN","Model":"C4","Question":"How easy is it to get C4 spares?","Answer":"Being mechanically similar to the Peugeot 308, and very popular in its own right, means parts are readily available. "},{"QaID":"6045","Make":"CITROEN","Model":"C4","Question":"Is it safe to buy used C4 spares from a breaker?","Answer":"Specialist breakers will let you know the exact condition of the part, and only keep good parts for resale."},{"QaID":"6055","Make":"CITROEN","Model":"C4","Question":"What is the difference between genuine and aftermarket C4 parts?","Answer":"This varies from part to part. Sometimes the difference is simply the packaging, other times the aftermarket part can be stronger to address a weakness in the original part, and sometimes the original part provides the best option. Our specialists will guide you in finding what is best for you."},{"QaID":"6065","Make":"CITROEN","Model":"C4","Question":"Are Citroen C4 repairs expensive?","Answer":"Citroen C4 repairs vary greatly in price due to the large model range, but whichever you have, you can make savings using PartsGateway. "}]



CITROEN C4 PICASSO VTR PLUS HDI A MPV 1560cc 2008 Fuel Injectors £240.00
CITROEN C4 SX HDI 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1560cc 2007 Turbocharger £205.00
CITROEN C4 G PICASSO VTR+ E-HDI A MPV 1560cc 2012 drivers door handle cap - black £6.00
CITROEN C4 SX HDI 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1560cc 2005 Glove Box £111.00
CITROEN C4 GRAND PICASSO VTR+ HDI S-A MPV 1560cc 2009 Space Saver Wheel £100.00
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