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audi a3 Parcel Shelf Faults, Failures & Tests

The primary role of the Audi A3 parcel shelf or luggage cover is to put things on. It also keeps any belongings in the boot out of sight reducing the risk of theft. Furthermore, it can act as a barrier to minimise noise from the rear of the vehicle.

Many vehicles on the road today do not have a rear parcel shelf fitted. Sometimes the parcel shelf mountings snap, become worn/dirty or are removed to increase the storage capacity which as a result are either lost or the vehicle is sold on without one.

If your Audi A3 parcel shelf is damaged and needs replacing or your vehicle never had one , it can be easily replaced at low cost and fitted with minimal effort.

Our service lets you compare multiple prices and sellers side by side on Audi A3 parcel shelves and luggage covers in one quick and easy search. We work with leading UK Audi parts specialists to ensure you get the oxygen sensor at the best prices.

To find your car, van or 4x4, you just need to enter your Audi A3 vehicle registration number, confirm the parcel shelf you need and any additional information such as colour.

We then rank Audi A3 parcel shelf quotes and auto matches in price order so you can identify the best value. You can also read reviews from other customers who also bought a parcel shelves from your chosen seller.

Prior to ordering your Audi A3 parcel shelf, you can chat with your chosen seller via your secure online portal MyGateway and we also display full contact details should you wish to call them.

Whether you are looking for a genuine used OEM Audi parcel shelf, or aftermarket new luggage covers, it is our job to make it easy to find the right car part as quickly as possible saving you endless hours contacting local motor dealers or breakers yards. Each quote will include a breakdown of costs so you know exactly what you are paying for and when it will be delivered. Most sellers dispatch a parcel shelf the same day and many offer free delivery. We will also match local sellers within your region so you can call and collect the Audi A3 parcel shelf in person. The minimum parts guarantee on vehicle parts is 30 days up to 12 months ensuring total peace of mind.

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