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We have handled Audi parts searches of all sizes, from interior pieces of trim for an A3, to a complete chassis for an RS6. If you’ve ever had any problems finding your Audi parts cheaply and easily, then PartsGateway is the answer to all your part finding problems. PartsGateway has spent more than a decade building the most comprehensive network of Audi breakers and parts specialists. During this time we have managed to help 1000’s of owners find exactly the Audi parts and spares they were looking for. What’s even better is not only do we save you time and money, but also our service is also completely FREE.

Most Audi owners will already be aware of just how expensive Audi parts and spares can be, especially if they get stung with an unexpected repair bill. Thankfully PartsGateway can help. We give you access to an unprecedented network of Audi parts specialists and breakers who are waiting to assist you today. And the best thing is, we do it all for FREE.

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Part Of A Bigger Picture

The Volkswagen group owns Audi. This link has undoubtedly worked in Audi’s favour as they’ve expanded around the globe. Audi’s are currently manufactured in nine different plants around the world, with all manufacturing being coordinated from their headquarters in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Along with Mercedes and BMW, Audi complete the German big 3 luxury carmakers.

Success On Several Fronts

Audi has been successful in many areas. Even the marketing department picked up on it when they used their advertising to market just how many patents a single model has. Perhaps one of its biggest single successes was the introduction of its own four-wheel drive system, which is known as Quattro. The release of this in 1980 saw a era of success in rallies and touring car events globally.

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AUDI A4 AVANT S LINE TDI 140 ESTATE 1986cc 2007 Turbocharger £220.00
AUDI A4 S LINE TDI 140 CONVERTIBLE 1986cc 2007 Engine Cover £50.00
AUDI A3 TDI 3 DOOR HATCHBACK 1598cc 2011 Rear bumper £152.14
AUDI A3 SPORT FSI 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1984cc 2005 Bonnet £80.00
AUDI A3 S LINE TDI QUATTRO 5 DOOR HATCHBACK 1968cc 2008 Turbo wastegate £250.00


[{"QaID":"675","Make":"AUDI","Model":null,"Question":"In Audi\u2019s Own Words","Answer":"Vorsprung Durch Technik. This roughly translates as \u2018Advancement Through Technology\u2019, and summarises the company ethos. "},{"QaID":"685","Make":"AUDI","Model":null,"Question":"In Our Words","Answer":"Audi have been amongst the big 3 German luxury car makers for years, but in recent years there has been a swing in their favour, partly fuelled by some excellent marketing and partly down to their increased range of vehicles for different markets. "},{"QaID":"695","Make":"AUDI","Model":null,"Question":"Audi Maintenance","Answer":"Audi\u2019s reputation for build quality and reliability comes at a premium, with their repair and servicing costs sitting at the top end of the affordability scale. Thankfully Audi specialists are in high demand, so there are plenty about. These can save you money when repairing your Audi, and of course we can save you on sourcing all of your Audi parts and spares. "},{"QaID":"705","Make":"AUDI","Model":null,"Question":"Interesting Audi Fact","Answer":"The founder name was August Horch. His name in German means \u2018listen\u2019. Audi is the Latin for listen, and this is what provided the manufacturers name. "}]
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